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Required Documents for Austria Visa

Do I Need A Visa to Visit Austria?

You won't require a visa to visit Austria if:

  • You are a resident from any of the nations in the Schengen Area or EU/EEA.

  • You are from a country that has a visa progression concurrence with the Schengen Area.

  • You're from the US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and your visit won't disregard 90 days

Other than this you'll most likely need a visa. You can actually take a look at the rundown of nations whose residents need a visa to Austria here.

*Kindly remember that not all international safe havens are giving visas because of COVID limitations. Kindly make sure to check with your nearby office.

Types of Austrian Visas

There are two interesting sorts of visas for Austria: present second and long stretch visas. These depend upon the inspiration driving your visit.

  • A Visa-this is generally called a movement visa. This sort of visa is given to a going through person Austria and they need to make a movement stop until they can go out to their goal. A movement visa is given constantly from your country of starting, you won't have the choice to get a visa at the line so generously attempt to check expecting that you'll require one going before you plan your trip.

  • C Visa - Schengen visa. This is a transient visa that grants you to stay in Austria for up to 90 days inside a period of 180 days. A Schengen Austria visa can be of different sorts:
    • Austria Tourist Visa.

    • Austria Business Visa.

    • Austria Short Stay Student Visa.

    • Austria Medical Visa.

  • D Visa - generally called an occupant visa since it's a really long visa. It licenses you to stay in Austria from 91 days as lengthy as a half year. Inside those a half year, the D Visa licenses you to apply for an Austria Residence Permit and settle in Austria long stretch. Sorts of D visas for Austria include:
    • Austria Work Visa.

    • Austria Student Visa.

    • Austria Family Visa.

Austria Visa Requirements

To apply for an Austria visa you truly need to set up several archives:

  • Identification/Traveling Document. Your ID needs to have something like two clear pages and it ought to be significant for something like a half year and given inside the last ten years.

  • Visa Application Form. You want to fill this in and get it marked. You can track down the structure here.

  • Late Pictures. These photographs need to keep the Schengen visa photograph guidelines as set by ICAO.

  • Visa Fee. You want to pay a specific sum to apply for your visa. The expense relies upon the kind of visa (see underneath).

  • A Letter of Purpose. You want to express the justification for your visit plainly.

  • An Itinerary. You should give right dates to your flights and your arrangements during the outing.

  • Travel Insurance. You ought to have Schengen travel assurance that covers any clinical and emergency issues up to 30,000€.

  • Common Status Documents. This can incorporate birth endorsements or your marriage permit.

  • Evidence of Accommodation. You really want to give your inn reservation or confirmation for some other kind of facilities you've gotten.

  • Evidence of Financial Means. You want to give confirmation that you have an adequate number of means to back your movements to Austria.

  • Duplicates of Previous Schengen Visa. Pertinent provided that you've had a Schengen visa previously.

Contingent upon your visa and the justification for your visit you might require extra documents:

  1. College records (in the event that you're an understudy).

  2. Work contract.

  3. Bank explanation.

  4. Confirmation of annuity (assuming you're resigned).

  5. Permit to operate (in the event that you're independently employed).

  6. Confirmation of greeting (on the off chance that you're seeing family or applying for a home license for reunification purposes).

  7. Clinical records (on the off chance that you're looking for clinical assistance).

For a minor going to Austria you'll require a couple other documents:

  • Birth declaration.

  • Duplicates of movement records (the two guardians).

  • Austria application structure (endorsed by the two guardians).

  • Family court authorization (assuming one parent has care).

  • Official parental approval (assuming the youngster is traveling solo).

How to Apply for a Visa to Austria?

The means for applying for an Austria visa are:

  • Guarantee you have an indisputable considered what kind of visa you truly care about. In spite of the way that the application communication is something almost identical, the vital reports fluctuate dependent upon the visa.

  • Find a worldwide place of refuge/division or official specialist of the Austrian government in your country.

  • Call the international safe haven to mark the calendar for your application.

  • Set up every one of the important archives.

  • After you've arranged every one of the records, hand them over at the international safe haven/department.

Where Do I Apply for An Austria Visa?

For an Austria visa, you need to apply in your close by worldwide place of refuge or division. Visas are given by an establishment of the Austrian government in your country. You can find them through the web based generator.

When Do I Apply for an Austria Visa?

It's ideal to apply fourteen days before you're needing to travel. Be sure not to apply three months sooner, since applications that early will not be thought of.li

Austria Visa Fees

Here are your desired charges to pay while applying for an Austrian visa:

  • Schengen Visa for grown-ups: 80€

  • Schengen Visa for youngsters between ages 6 and 12: 40€

  • Schengen Visa for youngsters younger than 6: free

  • Schengen Visa Fee for occupants of Russian Federation, Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Moldova, and Georgia: 35€

  • Travel Visa (A visa): 80 €

  • Travel Visa for youngsters between ages 6 and 12: 40€

  • Travel Visa for youngsters younger than 6: free

  • D Visa for people younger than 6: 75€

  • D Visa for people beyond 6 years old: 150€

  • Visa for people younger than 35 however beyond 6 years old of relatives who have looked for shelter in Austria: 200€

  • Visa for people younger than 6 of a looked for relative refuge in Austria: 100€

How Long Does It Take to Process the Visa Application?

As a rule, it takes up to 15 work days to deal with your application. Regardless, to a great extent it could expect up to 30 days or 60 days.

What if my Visa Application Is Rejected?

Your visa application may be excused in light of multiple factors. You might have missed several reports, your ID may be outdated, or a piece of your chronicles are not all together. Anything the avocation behind the excusal, you can propose against the choice.

You can in like manner re-apply again after your visa has been excused anyway notice the previous clarifications behind your excusal. By and large the worldwide place of refuge/division will explain to you why your visa was declined at this point they presumably will not do in that capacity, it's best you contact the department after you're recounted their choice.

Recall that the cost you paid is non-refundable.

How Long Can I Stay in Austria with a Visa?

With an Austria Schengen Visa, you can keep alert to 90 days. You can in like manner move wholeheartedly inside any country in the Schengen Area during this time.

With a long visa, you can stay from a half year up to a year. Dependent upon the sort of long stretch visa you may similarly keep alert to two years.

In case you have hardly any familiarity with how long you have left you can use the Visa Calculator.

Can You Extend an Austria Visa?

The short reaction is yes. You truth be told can extend a visa anyway it is very troublesome. To get an increase on your visa, you truly need to exhibit that you have a really substantial legitimization for the expansion.

You can expand an Austria visa if:

  • You entered the country later than the date you should. Meaning in the event that your visa was substantial multi week before when you entered the country you can apply for an expansion for a similar measure of time.

  • You confronted a power majeure. For example, during your visit, there was an unforeseen cataclysmic event or for instance, a boundary lockdown because of a pandemic, you can apply for an expansion.

  • You have solid individual reasons. You can request an expansion on the off chance that you have a past private commitment that you want to participate in, for instance, a family wedding.

  • You have compassionate purposes behind remaining. The Schengen visa strategy takes into consideration an augmentation in the event that you can demonstrate that you are remaining to help somebody. This can be any sort of help, like basic reassurance for a friend or family member, clinical help, or monetary help.


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