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Required Documents for Japan Visa

Who Needs a Visa for Japan?

Whether or not you really want to apply for a visa before you travel to Japan depends upon two things:

  • Your ethnicity: Citizens of a few nations are excluded from holding a visa when they travel to Japan for short-stay purposes (the travel industry, social visits, business, and so forth). The strategy permits them a sans visa stay of as long as 90 days.

  • The length and justification behind your visit: Even occupants of visa-prohibited countries need to apply for a Japanese Visa to enter the country for business, considering, marriage, or some other long stretch explanation, or an explanation which anticipates that they should work.

Types of Japan Visas

The Japanese government gives the accompanying primary classifications of visas to unfamiliar guests

  • Transient Stay/Temporary Visa, which is given to untouchables who need to enter Japan for the movement business, visits, business or then again other donning or transitory purposes. Short lived Visas for Japan don't allow the holder to partake in business and can be segregated considering the inspiration driving development into:
    • Japan Tourist Visa, which is given to outsiders who need to make a trip to Japan for the travel industry or visits to family or companions.

    • Japan Business Visa, which is given to pariahs who are going on a mission to Japan to go to a social event, meeting, orchestrate, or then again for some other business-related purposes.

    • Japan Transit Visa, which is given to outcasts who are going through the space of Japan while making a beeline for a third country of goal.

  • Long pull Stay Visas, which are given to untouchables who need to enter Japan for purposes not associated with the movement business, such as working, inspecting, or joining a family member. Likewise, they can be apportioned into:
    • Japan Work Visa, gave to outsiders who wish to take up paid work in Japan.

    • Japan Student Visa, gave to worldwide understudies who have been acknowledged into a Japanese instructive organization.

    • Japan Marriage Visa, gave to outsiders who are hitched to a Japanese resident and need to go along with them there.

    • Japan Highly Skilled Professional Visa, which, as the name suggests, is given to particularly capable specialists who need to work in Japan. It is given through a point-based system and offers a more expanded season of stay and a bigger number of benefits than a standard Work Visa.

    • Japan Working Holiday Visa, which is given to inhabitants of countries with which Japan has a Working Holiday Scheme understanding. It licenses youths from those countries to visit Japan and work there for up to a year.

How to submit a Japan Visa application?

Until additional notification, the Japanese government simply gives visas through its Embassies or Consulates abroad. Hence, the collaboration for a Japan visa application is according to the accompanying:

  • Find and contact a Japanese Embassy or Consulate close you.

  • Collect the required documents.

  • Submit the Japan visa application.

  • Collect the visa.


Expecting you will request a Long-Term Visa, before you present the visa application at the Embassy or Consulate, you want to get a Declaration of Eligibility (COE) from an Immigration Office in Japan through a supported agent.

After you acknowledge your Japan visa and travel to Japan, you will get a Landing Permit at the port of segment, which will ruin your visa.

Contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate

The most compelling thing you should do when you have decided to apply for a visa to Japan is to see as expecting there is a Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country and reach out to them. Get some information about the important records, opening and closing hours, and make an arrangement.

If there is no Japanese Diplomatic Representation in your country, you really want to:

  • Find which Japanese delegate office is answerable for your locale, like one in an adjoining nation, and apply there; or

  • Find a licensed travel service or visa application office who will present the application for your benefit.

    • Indeed, a couple of Japanese Embassies or Consulates simply recognize visa application sections through untouchable associations, not face to face.

Track down a rundown of the Japanese Embassies, Consulates and Permanent Missions here.

Collect the required documents for a Japan Visa application

At the point when you know where to apply, you ought to start assembling the reports you need for your Japan Visa application. The chronicles change in light of the kind of visa you apply for, yet in all cases, you want to submit:

  • Your identification, which ought to have somewhere around two clear visa pages as well as be legitimate for basically an additional a half year beginning from the time you mean to enter Japan..

  • Ongoing visa size pictures taken before a white foundation

  • A Japan Visa Application Form finished and marked.

  • Booked flight ticket.

  • Verification of adequate monetary prerequisites, like bank proclamations or a letter from an underwriter.

Expecting that you have a help/financier in Japan, they need to outfit you with the normal files on their part previously you can introduce the application.

See here for a more point by point once-over of the normal records for a Japan Visa.

Submit the Japan Visa application

After you have all your normal reports, you really want to submit them at the Japan Embassy or Consulate so your application can start taking care of. Expecting you are applying through a development or visa application office, you really want to give them the reports, and they will submit them for you.

Expecting that the Consulate or Embassy considers it significant, you may similarly have to bo back for a gathering or to introduce extra archives.

Collect your Japan Visa

At the point when your visa application has been taken care of, you really want to get back to the Embassy/Consulate and assemble your identification.

If the application was supported, the Japan Visa will be added on your distinguishing proof and you can use it to branch out to Japan inside 90 days.

The Japanese Landing Permission

At the point when you appear in Japan, the Immigration authorities at the spot of section will review your visa and the files confirming your inspiration of stay, and (if they consider you qualified to enter Japan) they will give you a Landing Permit. The Landing License replaces your visa and allows you to stay in Japan.

legally If you have a lone entry visa, it will become invalid once you get the Landing Permit, however a various segment visa with a more long authenticity stays significant even after you get the Landing Permit.

The Japanese Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

Each person who enters Thailand completely goal on living there long stretch, for instance, for business, necessities to apply for a Authentication of Eligibility (COE) from an Immigration Office in Japan.

You really want to apply for the COE through a go-between before you can apply for your visa at the Japanese Embassy/Consulate in your country.

How Long Does it Take to Process a Japan Visa?

Consistently, a Japan Visa is dealt with inside five working days, starting from the time that the Embassy or Consulate acknowledges your completed application. In any case, accepting they need further documentation from you, it will take more time. Accepting they need to imply your visa for extra evaluation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo, then, the taking care of time for your Japan Visa could be loosened up to more than a month.

In light of everything, try to start the application well in front of the time you mean to travel.

How Much is the Japan Visa Fee?

The visa expenses for Japan are as follows:

  • Single-passage visa: 3,000 Yen

  • Double-passage or various section visa: 6,000 Yen

  • Transit Visa: 700 Yen

The Japan visa cost may be fairly special considering your identity, the sort of visa you apply for and the local cash. You want to pay the charge for a Japan visa at the Embassy/Consulate given that your application is supported.

Keep in mind: If you apply through an embraced travel/visa application association, they will charge you an additional an assistance cost previously the visa is given.The visa expenses for Japan are as follows:

What is the Duration of a Japan Visa?

The length of a Japan Visa depends upon the amount of entries it is given for as well as the inspiration of movement.

  • A single-section Japan Visa is given for a limit of 3 months.

  • A numerous passage Japan Visa is given for 1 to 5 years, contingent upon the motivation behind your stay.

Can You Extend a Japan Visa?

Whether you can widen a Japan Visa depends upon the sort of visa you have (though, truth be told, what you would extend is essentially the Landing Permit, instead of the real visa.)

In case you have a Tourist Visa, you are not inclined to get a Japan Visa Extension. Accepting you entered the country for the movement business purposes, you may potentially get a visa extension if you have a genuine explanation, similar to an sudden sickness or a mishap.

In case you entered using a long-stay visa, for instance, for business, marriage, or focusing on purposes, then, you can apply for a Japan Visa Extension at your close by Immigration Office in Japan. You can introduce a Visa Augmentation application starting from 90 days before your Visa terminates.

Can You Apply for a Japan Visa Online?

The Japanese government wanted to ship off a Japan eVisa structure before the 2020 Olympics that were set to occur in Japan, anyway the Games were deferred to 2021 because of the Covid pandemic. The pandemic has provoked broad travel interferences, including the Japanese eVisa, which is dark when it will right now send off.

The online visa was furthermore a work to meet Japan's unbiased of having 60 million people visit the country consistently persistently 2030.

What are the Japan Visa Requirements for US Citizens?

If you are an American inhabitant, going to Japan for the movement business, visit, or business, you don't need to apply for a Japan Visa. US occupants are acquitted from visa requirements for stays of up to 90 days. You can enter with your ID, which ought to be significant for at least an extra half year and have clear pages for the section and leave stamps.

In any case, you can't work, review, or extend/change the class of your visit while you are in Japan on a visa-exculpated segment. Expecting you have gotten another profession, been recognized into an educational association, or need to join your friend in Japan, then, you really want to apply for the adequate kind of visa from a Japan Embassy or Consulate in the US before you travel.


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