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Required Documents for Liechtenstein Visa

Procuring an Liechtenstein Visa


Liechtenstein is a landlocked u . S . A . Is Europe. The u . S . A . Is one of the smallest international locations within the global and the fourth smallest usa in Europe. However, regardless of its small length, the usa has one of the maximum GDP according to capita in the international. Tourism is a chief contributor to the economy. The united states of Liechtenstein is filled with astonishing sights of nature. It is for those points of interest and different traveler points of interest that humans flock over from all around the world to visit the state. The education device of Liechtenstein is fantastic. The country boasts a one hundred% literacy charge. Therefore, inflow of foreign students has also extended over the last decade inside the nation. The high first-class academic institutions of the country are sufficient to lure college students from India to pursue higher research in Liechtenstein.

Why is a Liechtensteiner Visa Needed?

There can be numerous motives as a way to visit the nation of Liechtenstein. These can encompass nut aren't limited to training, commercial enterprise, and tourism. Regardless of the cause you could ought to visit Liechtenstein, you'll want a visa to enter the state. However, it isn't essential if you want to practice for Liechtenstein visa. If you wish to go to Liechtenstein for a brief length, then you can follow for Schengen visa. The info and advantages of a Schengen visa are discussed under.

Liechtenstein Visa Eligibility

The nature and the purpose of your visit define the sort of visa that you need to follow for. There are frequently three varieties of visa for Liechtenstein. They are exact below:

Schengen Visa: A Schengen visa permits you to stay of 90 days within duration of six months. The Schengen visa lets in you to visit any of the member states in the Schengen place. Furthermore, you may now not have to face any regulations at the instances you are allowed to enter or visit a member Schengen states. Therefore, the Schengen Visa is issued for unmarried entry and a couple of entries.

National Visa: The country wide visa allows a live of 91 days to one hundred eighty days at some point of the path of a year. The motives of applying for a countrywide visa consists of being a seasonal worker, researcher, scholar, quick-term worker, visitor researcher, and volunteer among others.

Transit Visa: The transit visa is a unique form of visa. It is issued by and large to travelers. A transit visa is issued for a short length, for some days at most. Transit visas are issued to facilitate your journey. You will need a transit visa if you intend to stay in Liechtenstein while waiting for your connecting flight,

The eligibility criteria for National Visa and Schengen Visa are very comparable. The only distinction is concerning the files required for the visas, and your visit’s reason and nature. The motives for touring to or journeying Liechtenstein may be:


If you have got a connecting flight or teach into and out of Liechtenstein and there are some hours or multiple days among the 2 flights or trains. You may even need a transit visa if you are riding to another u . S . And passing thru Liechtenstein.


Since tourism is one of the foremost participants to the country’s economic system, it is not difficult to figure out that tourism in the kingdom is famous. So, one of the most not unusual motives for travelling Liechtenstein is to enjoy the attractions and vacationer points of interest.

Visiting Friends or Family

You may also have buddies or family staying in Liechtenstein. However, they want to legally living within the kingdom or ought to be citizens of Liechtenstein or the Schengen vicinity. Still, you may need a referral letter from the individuals that you are travelling. The same letter need to be offered in conjunction with your software and in the course of the time of you visa appointment inside the Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi.


You should list the reason as business if you are visiting the nation of Liechtenstein for an official visit. However, you will be required to present a letter that from the company or organization operating in Liechtenstein or the government. The approval may be expedited based on the company or organization that has referred you. For example, if the Liechtenstein government has referred you, then the process of approval is quicker.

Medical reasons

You reason could be medical nature which means that you need to visit Liechtenstein to improve your health by using the medical services in the nation.

Study Purposes

The 100% literacy fee of Liechtenstein exemplifies the impeccable instructional system and establishments. So, if you are going to Liechtenstein for studies then you'll need to kingdom your motive as studies. Furthermore, you may require a letter of admission from the group. The identical will also need to be presented with your application and at some point of the appointment.

Other Purposes

In addition to the purposes mentioned above, you can also visit the nation for some other purpose. However, you will need to specify the reason and provide justification for the same when you are applying for the visa.

Liechtenstein Visa Application Process

How to Apply for Liechtensteiner Visa:

Applying for a Liechtensteiner visa is not a complex procedure compared to the visa utility procedure for a few other nations. Here are the steps which you have to comply with in order to follow for a Liechtenstein visa.

Step 1: Check the eligibility necessities for a Liechtensteiner visa based totally on the purpose of your visit.

Step 2: Fill the visa application shape. Ensure which you fill it absolutely and do now not miss any of the information.

Step 3: Submit the application to The Embassy of Switzerland at New Delhi.

Important Note: There aren't any different visa application centers for Liechtenstein. So, you will want to put up the software in individual to the Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi. Additionally, note that you may not be able to send your application via courier or publish. Furthermore, nobody other than you can post your software or collect the files put up the visa processing is finished. However, there are exceptions to this whilst you could ship a licensed person to your absence. The following are considered as legal representatives:

  • Parents, Siblings, and Children

  • Any individual from the group if you are applying as a group or family

  • A government authorized personnel can collect it on the behalf of the government. However, he or she is needed to provide verification and proof for the same.

  • A company’s official representative, but he or she will need an authorization letter from the company to do so. Additionally, an ID card will also be needed.

The authorized personnel will required to present the following:

  • Original and a photocopy of a Government issued ID Card

  • Original ICR

  • A letter from the applicant clarifying authorization

Step 4: After the visa application is filled, submitted, accepted and processed, you will need to book an appointment at the Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi.

Important Note: You should make sure that you do not miss your appointment. If you miss your appointment you will only be allowed to apply for the next appointment after a period of 24 hours. Furthermore, the next appointment will depend on the availability. Moreover, rescheduling an appointment is subject to availability depending on the Embassy of Liechtenstein.

Step 5: Once you arrive at the embassy, you will need to collect a token from the entrance. Then you will be directed towards the waiting area. Next, you will be called to the visa application submission counter. Here you will need to submit your application along with required documents.

Step 6: The authenticity and validity of the documents is scrutinized and verified.

Step 7: You will be provided a receipt for the services and fees charged during the process along with a number that you can use to check the status of your visa application.

Where to Apply for Liechtenstein Visa?

In order to apply for a visa to Liechtenstein, you will need to visit The Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi.

How to Check Status of Liechtenstein Visa

You can check the status of your Liechtenstein visa here. Note that it takes 7 to 10 days for the embassy to process the visa application. However, it may take more than 10 days as well.

  • If you are under the age of 18

  • If you require assistance due to a disability or health reasons.

Liechtenstein Visa Document Requirements

Documents Required for Liechtenstein Visa application

The requirement of documents for a Liechtenstein Visa application is the same in every case apart from tourist visa. The following documents are common for all type of visas:

  1. A visa application form completed in English or German language along with the applicant’s signature

  2. Passport: The validity of the passport need to no longer stop at the least 3 months from the applicant’s intended date of departure. Departure won't always be from Liechtenstein as it is able to be from a Member Schengen States. It is depending on the man or woman case. The applicant’s passport ought to no longer be absolutely stuffed, there ought to be at the least clean pages. The records web page of the applicant’s passport need to be devoid of any handwritten amendment or alteration

  3. Valid permit of return (depending on individuals cases)

  4. A mandatory travel medical insurance cover of minimum 30,000 Euros is required according to the rules of the Schengen member states. If the applicant has a multiple entry visa then the cover must be sufficient to cover the entirety of first intended visit.

  5. Your reason along with justification for visiting Liechtenstein should be explained in the cover letter

  6. Your travel itinerary or tentative itinerary in case of round-trip flight bookings

  7. In cases where the applicant is a minor: At least one parent of guardian should accompany the applicant, and he or she should present a Original notarized NOC by the other parent in addition to the copies of passports or IDs of parents if the applicant is travelling alone then Original notarized NOC signed by both parents / legal guardians, plus copies of passports or IDs of parents should be presented.

  8. Copy of the present passport in its entirety

  9. Original(s) of previous passport(s) or proof of loss

Depending on the purpose of your visit, i.e. in cases that are specific in nature, additional documents will need to be produced.

So, if the applicant is a student, then he or she will need to provide proof of admission in a Liechtenstein institute along with receipt of fee, transfer certificates, etc.

Similarly, if the applicant has a business purposes, then he or she will need to produce letter of employment at the Liechtensteiner company or organization along with a referral letter from the organization or company.

Liechtenstein Tourist Visa

What is Liechtenstein Tourist Visa?

Liechtensteiner tourist visa is issued for individuals who want to visit the nation of Liechtenstein to visit the scenic locations and other tourist attractions. Duration of Liechtenstein Tourist Visa

A Liechtenstein tourist visa is allocated for a maximum of 90 days for period of 180 days. Since the Liechtenstein tourist visa falls under the Schengen visa, it allows you to visit any and all members of the Schengen region. Furthermore, the visa can be for single and multiple entries. Eligibility Criteria and Application Process for Liechtenstein Tourist Visa

The criteria for eligibility of the Liechtensteiner tourist visa are the same as other types of visa. The changes that you deal with pertain only to the documents required during the application process.

Documents required for Liechtenstein Tourist Visa

The additional documents required for a Liechtensteiner tourist visa are include but may not be limited to (depending on the reason of visit):

  • Proof of accommodation.

  • Evidence of occupation. It includes a certificate of salary for three months preceding the application. Furthermore, employment contract along with NOC from the company

  • For students, an explanation of current status; along with NOC from institute or college.

  • If you are self-employed, then you will need to produce a proof for the same. You can get the same from chartered accountant, lawyers, or Confirmation from the Chamber of Commerce in case of business.

  • You will need to provide proof that you have sufficient funds.

  • Income Tax Acknowledgement / ITR-V from the past three years.

Liechtenstein Visa Fees

Fees for Immigrant Liechtenstein Visas

Schengen Visa: The fee for Schengen Visa is 60 Euros. You will need to pay the same in rupees at the time of visa application. The exchange rate at the time of the visa application will be used to determine the amount. Schengen visa has zero fees for children below the age of 6 years. However, for children above the age of 6 but below the age of 12 years have to pay a fee of 35 Euros.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fees for Immigrant Liechtenstein Visas

Schengen Visa: The price for Schengen Visa is 60 Euros. You will want to pay the same in rupees on the time of visa software. The change rate on the time of the visa utility may be used to determine the quantity.

Schengen visa has zero prices for children below the age of 6 years. However, for children above the age of 6 but below the age of 12 years should pay a price of 35 Euros.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of usually asked questions at the same time as applying for visa.

It is compulsory for me to get a Liechtensteiner Visa to journey in Liechtenstein?

Yes, it's miles mandatory for Indian citizens to use for a Liechtensteiner visa. However, when you have a Schengen visa then you may additionally enter Liechtenstein. But, you will only be capable of achieve this throughout the period of validity of the Schengen visa.

How can I practice for a Liechtenstein Visa?

You will need to post your software and different required documents to the Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi.

What must be referred to within the cover letter to be submitted with my files?

The cover letter need to point out your purpose for touring Liechtenstein. If you wish to visit other Schengen states, then you will additionally need to provide an reason behind the identical.

Is it vital to get tour coverage?

Taking journey coverage all through a ride to abroad is constantly recommendable. Travel coverage permits you to experience your journey experience as opposed to stressing over matters that may go incorrect. Moreover, it allows you an easy manner to deal with emergencies that could rise up all through your journey.

What are the advantages of having tour insurance from Bharti AXA?

Buying travel insurance from ICICI Lombard General Insurance (Bharti AXA General Insurance*) is a sincere and hassle-unfastened process. You can get the coverage on-line right away with out paper work concerned. Furthermore, the complete coverage covers all main emergencies that may rise up at some point of tour. The essential components of tour insurance policy is that it covers medical emergencies, private injuries, lack of passport & files, lack of checked-in luggage, flight put off and so on.


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