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Required Documents for Netherlands Visa

Netherlands Visa Requirements

What are the Netherlands Visa Requirements?

In order to apply for a visa to Netherlands, you'll need to accumulate a set of files and take them to the Dutch embassy or consulate in you usa. There might not be a Netherlands embassy for your united states, in which case you will want to discover wherein you have to practice.

You must make an appointment at the embassy or consulate and show up in person along with your documentation.

All your files need to in either Dutch, English, French or Spanish – if they may be no longer, they ought to be translated.

For each report you are required to provide, you ought to bring both the original and a copy.

The standard documents required for a Netherlands visa include

  • A completed and signed Netherlands visa application form. In most cases, you can download one from the embassy’s website

  • Passport pictures. The passport picture is used for identification and needs to have been taken in a white background within the last six months and with 35 by 45 mm dimensions.

  • Your passport or other travel documentation. It cannot be older than 10 years, must have at least 2 empty visa pages, and needs to be valid for a minimum of three months starting from the time you leave the Schengen area.

  • A copy of your passport’s personal details page.

  • Copies of any previous passports’ personal details pages.

  • Copies of any previous visas along with all entry/exit stamps.

  • Evidence of legal residence. You need to provide proof that you are a legal resident in the country from which you are applying. The evidence of legal residence could be a passport, visa or residence permit along with a copy.

  • Complete Travel itinerary. This includes a travel reservation on your name to the Schengen area and back. It is not an airplane ticket.

  • Proof you will return to your country after your visit. This could be an employment contract, a declaration from your employer, a document that proves you or your children (if you are a parent) are attending school in your country, or a document that proves you own property in your country.

  • Netherlands Schengen visa health insurance. Your health insurance has to be issued in your name, be valid throughout the entire Schengen area, and cover a minimum of €30,000 of medical costs.

  • A document from your employer which details your job, your salary, and the duration and purpose of your visit.

  • Work permit. If required/applicable.

  • Payment fee.

  • Proof of sufficient financial means. The visitor must prove that they can provide at least €34 per person per day for each day of their stay in the Netherlands.

  • Proof of income (the sponsor).

Netherlands visa requirements based on applicant’s occupational status

If employed:

  • Payslips from the last three months.

  • Employment contract.

  • Approved leave of absence from employer.

If self-employed:

  • Company’s certificate of registration.

If retired:

  • Pension statements from the past three months.

  • Proof of income from the ownership of a business or property.

If sponsored:

  • Proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation.

Other than the aforementioned documents, you may also be required to write a cover letter stating the purpose and duration of your visit.

Netherlands visa document requirements for a minor

The following documents are required if you are applying for a visa for a minor who is traveling either alone or with only one parent.

  • Extract of the minor’s birth certificate.

  • Identity documents with the parents’ signatures. There needs to be a document for each parent.

  • Declaration of consent from both parents allowing the minor to travel.

In some cases, you may also be required to provide a court statement saying which of the parents has been assigned custody of the minor and/or a declaration from the minor’s school stating they consent to the minor’s absence.

Netherlands visa requirements for the Caribbean part of the Kingdom

The requirements in order to apply for a visa to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, depending on your purpose of visit, are largely the same as for a regular short-stay visa

Depending on the country you are applying from, the only differences may include:

  • Travel insurance being a minimum of $15,000.

  • Front and back copies of all used pages in your passport.

  • Residence permit (foreign applicants only).


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