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Required Documents for Slovenia Visa

Documents Required for Slovenia Visa Application

What Are the Requirements for a Slovenia Visa?

The required documents for your Slovenia visa application are:

  • The Slovenia Application form.

  • A valid passport.

  • Identity photos.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Paid visa fee.

  • Financial means.

  • Letter of invitation.

  • Employment Documents.

  • Proof of accommodation.

Application Form

A passport is the main travel document needed for your Slovenia visa application. For your passport to be considered valid, it must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Having two blank visa pages.

  • Your signature must be present.

  • The passport cannot be older than ten years.

  • The passport must be valid three months after the visa expiry date.

Identity Photos

Besides the filled-in and signed application form and passport, you will also need to submit two photos of yourself for the Slovenia visa application. The Schengen countries have specific requirements for picture submissions that need to be fulfilled. The requirements are as follows:

  • The size of your photos should be 3.5 x 4.5 cm.

  • The photo needs to be taken in front of a plain white background.

  • The photo should be recent, taken within the past six months.

  • Your whole face needs to be visible in the photo.

  • Your photo should be high quality.

  • Accessories of any sort are not allowed. The only exception is head attire related to religious beliefs. However, the headwear must not cover your face.

Travel Insurance

To receive a Slovenia visa, you need to provide proof that you have purchased valid travel insurance following the Schengen regulations— your insurance policy must include the following:

  • Coverage for at least €30,000 for medical emergencies.

  • Coverage for every country in the Schengen Area.

  • Coverage for your entire stay in Slovenia.

If you apply for a long-stay visa or residence permit, you must purchase a health insurance plan beforehand. If you cannot do so, you can obtain health insurance in Slovenia either from the public system or a private health insurance company.

Travel Itinerary

You need to provide an in depth tour itinerary concerning your visit to Slovenia. Your travel plan need to encompass evidence of bought flight tickets, motel reservations, the entry and exit dates inside the Republic of Slovenia, and information about whether or not you plan on traveling other countries inside the Schengen vicinity.

Paid Visa Fee

You must pay a visa fee when you apply for a Slovenia visa. After paying the Slovenia visa fee, the embassy or consulate you applied to will provide you with a document that serves as proof of the visa payment. You need to add this document to the other documents to your Slovenia visa application.

Financial Means

As proof of your financial stability and that you may provide in your live in Slovenia, you must post the documentation for approach of subsistence. This file can be your bank statements that prove you've got a strong income. In addition, you need to offer evidence that you may spend as a minimum €70 in step with day in Slovenia for the duration of your stay.

If you can’t have the funds for the specified each day quantity, a guarantor allow you to stay— a friend or a family member dwelling in Slovenia. In this case, they want to provide evidence of their economic popularity showing that they are able to guide your stay in Slovenia.

Letter of Invitation

If you want to visit a friend or family member who is a Slovenian citizen, they will need to write a letter of invitation, which usually include the following information:

  • For personal visits to Slovenia.

    • The invitation letter written and signed by a Slovenian family member or friend.

    • The letter should be registered and licensed by the Slovenian certification register.

  • For business purposes:

    • The invitation letter written and signed by the legal employer.

    • The Slovenian employer must provide proof of previous business encounters and valid work contracts.

Employment Documents

For your Slovenia visa application, you must submit these additional documents related to your employment status:

  • If you are currently employed:

    • Your work contract.

    • Permission for work leave or a vacation.

    • Bank statements proving your financial stability.

  • If you are self-employed:

    • A certificate of your registered business.

    • Bank statements from the last three months.

  • If you are a student:

    • An approval letter from your current school.

  • If you are retired:

    • A certificate of your retirement.

    • Proof of enough savings to cover your travel expenses.

Proof of Accommodation

Proof of accommodation is a required document for your Slovenia visa application as it lets authorities know that you have a place to stay during your visit— this document can be any of the following:

  • A reservation at a Hotel or Airbnb.

  • A rental agreement with a Slovenian citizen.

  • An invitation letter from a family member or friend.

Cover Letter

For your Slovenia visa utility, you need to write a cover letter explaining your motives for touring Slovenia, how long you may be staying, and whether or not you are journeying a chum or a family member.

Slovenia Visa Requirements For Minors

The documents that are needed to apply for a Slovenia visa for a minor are:

  • The parents’ bank statements and a work contract to prove monthly income.

  • Parental notarized travel consent.

  • Parents’ passport copies.

  • Adoption documents if the minor is adopted.

Note: If you are applying as a minor, your parent or guardian must accompany you to the Slovenian embassy or consulate.

Slovenia Visa Document Guidelines

All required files for a Slovenia visa software must be submitted in either Slovenian or English. So, you need to have your documents translated by means of an authorized prison translator— the embassy can also refer you to a licensed translator.

In addition, before filing your documents for the visa application, they want to contain an apostille stamp or be legalized. Some of the documents that want to have the Apostille Stamp earlier than submitting a Slovenia visa software consist of:

  • Birth certificates

  • Marriage certificates

  • Death certificates

  • POA (power of attorney)

  • Academic diplomas

  • Business certificates

  • Any court orders (if applicable)

What if I Don’t Have All The Documents When I Apply?

If, by means of any risk, you do no longer have all documents while you observe for a Slovenia visa, your utility will maximum possibly be rejected. This is due to the fact your application will appear insincere. You are counseled to prepare all required documents before making use of for a Slovenia visa. So, ensure you contact your nearest Slovenia office in your us of a to ensure that you have all the required files.


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