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Required Documents for Spain Visa

Spain Visa Document Requirements

If you're considering making use of for a Spain visa, for both quick-time period or long-time period live, the pleasant factor you can do as a begin, is to research what documents you need.

The required documents for a Spanish visa are the middle of your application. Based on them, and the visa interview, the Spanish consulate to your u . S . A . Of house takes a choice to your utility.

Therefore, you should always pay full interest to these documents. Collect them as early as possible, and make sure they meet the criteria set by using the Spanish government.

Required Documents for a Spain Visa Application

The main requirements for a visa to Spain are:

  • Visa Application Form.

  • Two biometric photos.

  • Your passport.

  • Copies of passport pages with info.

  • Flight reservation.

  • Proof of accommodation.

  • Medical Insurance.

  • Medical Certificate.

  • Proof of Sufficient Financial Means.

Following in this article find shortly explained the criteria and specifications each requirement must meet.

The Right Visa Application Form

Note that there are two kinds of Spain visa application shape. One is for short-live visas, and a one-of-a-kind form is for long -live visa packages. Complete the one you need, print it two times, after which signal it at the end.

The software form includes questions concerning your identity: call, surname, date & region of start, career, historical past etc. It additionally asks questions concerning your motive of travel to Spain and the meant period of live.

Pay attention to each question and try to solution them successfully. If the data you give in this shape does now not observe the information at the relaxation of the documents, your utility will maximum probably be declined.

Two biometric photos

These photos should be identical and taken within the last three months. Make sure they meet the Schengen photo requirements and specifications.

Your original passport

Check your passport earlier than you follow. Note that it must be valid for some other three months past your departure from Spain. It should also have as a minimum one blank page, so the consulate can placed the visa sticky label in it.

You additionally want to make a duplicate of all passport pages that include information: the 2 main pages along with your information and the pages with visa stickers and stamps.

Flight reservation

You need to show proof of the dates when you plan to travel to Spain and then leave the country. This proof is a flight reservation, which mentions your name, as well as the dates and places of arrival and departure.

Proof of accommodation

Another requirement to apply for a Spain visa, is showing evidence to the Spanish authorities where you will be staying while you are in Spain. Any of the following can be presented as proof of accommodation:

  • Hotel booking. Submit a booking that contains your name, the dates of stay, and the details of the hotel.

  • Invitation letter. If you will be staying over at friends or family members living in Spain, submit a letter invitation from your inviter in Spain stating their details (address, contact details, intended period of stay, etc.). Note that photocopy is not acceptable! You can still submit a colored print.

  • Rental agreement. If you will be renting a place for your stay in Spain, you should submit proof of that. You need to present the rental agreement with the owner of the premises. The document must state the area of the place you are renting, address and owner’s details.

Medical Insurance

You must purchase travel medical insurance and present this proof to the Spanish authorities in charge of visa application admission in your country of residence.

When applying for a short-stay visa the medical insurance must cover not only the whole territory of Spain, but also all of the other Schengen member countries. It should cover any incident or unforeseen illness with a minimum of 30.000€, including repatriation for medical reasons or in case of death. In addition, and it must be arranged at least for 7 days even if you are planning to stay less than that, i.e. two days.

On the other hand, when applying for a long-term visa, you should submit health Insurance from an authorized provider in Spain. It must cover medical repatriation, evacuation, accidents, emergencies, sanitary assistance etc., with zero deductible and no co-payment.

Medical Certificate

A file issued out of your health practitioner issued within the closing three months. The certificate need to affirm that you are freed from any disorder that would severely affect public health.

Proof of Sufficient Financial Means

To be eligible to travel to Spain you ought to have a specific minimal amount of money. According to the European Commission, you need to attest proudly owning the overall quantity for period up to ten days this is consultant of a 90% of the gross national minimum salary (636.Ninety three €) that is 573.23€.

On the other hand, if your journey is to closing extra than 10 days, the daily-required quantity is 70.Seventy seven€. The overseas countrywide desires to attest proudly owning such amount to the Spain Embassy or Consulate at the moment making use of for a Spanish Visa.

You may want to prove you have this money, via imparting your bank account statements to the consulate. If a person else is going to finance your journey you ought to put up a letter of help through this man or woman, wherein they explain why and the way are they going to help you. They should publish their bank statements along with the letter.

On the opposite hand, if you are travelling for a long-term stay, you may publish different files as a proof of sufficient economic manner, as:

  • Rental income, if you have any properties that you rent out.

  • Job contract showing your salary, for employment.

  • Income from your business, if you are self-employed.

  • Scholarship confirmation that shows the amount you will receive, for students.

  • Pension statements, for retired persons, etc.

Note that these are simplest the main requirements. According to the visa type you are applying for, you will need to gather and put up extra documents.

All files need to be submitted in A4 format. Documents that aren't in either English or Spanish, have to be submitted with a licensed translation.


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