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Required Documents for Taiwan Visa

Who Needs a Visa for Taiwan?

Nationals of most countries need to apply for a visa for Taiwan.

Taiwan has assented to visa-waiver plans with a couple of countries, allowing nationals of those countries sans visa admittance to Taiwan for little outings (up to 90 days). This infers that nationals of all EU furthermore, EFTA part communicates, the US, Australia, Japan, and various countries don't have to apply for a Guest Visa preceding making an excursion to Taiwan.

Taking everything into account, visa-rejections may not make any difference accepting you were brought into the world in focal region China (PRC), Hong Kong or Macau.

Taiwan Visa Types

The two main types of visa for Taiwan are:

  • Taiwan Visitor Visa (for short stays)

  • Taiwan Resident Visa (for long stays)

Taiwan Visitor Visa

The Visitor Visa for Taiwan is for transient stays of up to 90 days. The Taiwanese Visitor Visa is given for the travel industry, social visit, business, going to get-togethers and events, and other supported purposes that needn't bother with taking up paid work or getting an additional a grant.

It can similarly be given for single-and different sections and for a length of three to five years.

Taiwan Resident Visa

The Taiwan Resident Visa is for outsiders who wish to live in Taiwan for longer than 90 days for a particular reason, like working or considering. As such Taiwan Resident Visas are separated into the accompanying:

  • Taiwan Work Visa provided for untouchables who need to take up paid work in a Taiwanese association. In any case the work visa, they will similarly require a work license.

  • Taiwan Student Visa, for untouchables who wish to seek after their examinations in a Taiwanese enlightening establishment. Preceding applying, they ought to at present be recognized in a school/school in Taiwan.

  • Taiwan Family Reunification Visa, for outside nationals who need to join a family member (mate, parent, or youth) who is a Taiwanese occupant.

  • Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa provided for new nationals who need to set up a business in Taiwan. It is the Taiwanese government's work to attract new business visionaries to participate in Taiwan's economy.

  • Taiwan Working Holidays Visa, which is given to youths (students or progressing graduated class) developed 18-30 from countries which have a Working Holiday Scheme spread out with Taiwan. It grants youngsters to work in Taiwan for up to 1 year.

After you appear in Taiwan with a Resident visa, you ought to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and a Re-segment Grant at a close by office of the National Immigration Agency (NIA) inside 15 days.

Is There an Online Taiwan Visa?

Yes, an eVisa for Taiwan is available, but only to nationals of the following countries:

  • Bahrain

  • Burkina Faso

  • Colombia

  • Dominica

  • Ecuador

  • Kiribati

  • Kuwait

  • Mauritius

  • Montenegro

  • Oman

  • Panama

  • Peru

  • Qatar

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Solomon Islands

  • Turkey

  • United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, nationals of the accompanying nations are additionally qualified for the Taiwan eVisa in the event that they will go with a traveler bunch under "Undertaking for Simplifying Visa Regulations for High-end Group Tourists from Southeast Asian Countries":

  • Cam bodia

  • India

  • Indonesia

  • Laos

  • Myanmar

  • Vietnam

Assuming you are from one of the accompanying nations and will direct business in Taiwan with a proposal by the nearby workplaces of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), you may likewise apply for a Taiwan eVisa:

  • Bangladesh

  • Bhutan

  • India

  • Iran

  • Nepal

  • Pakistan

  • Sri Lanka

The Taiwan eVisa is only for flitting stays (the movement business, business, visits, etc) and only for as long as 90 days. You can't have any critical bearing to extend it or convert it into a long-stay visa.

You could apply here. The application taking care of time is more restricted and you don't have to present yourself at any Taiwanese political mission.

In case your application is upheld, you really want to print the eVisa and present it at the development assigned spot once you appear in Taiwan.

What Are the Taiwan Visa Requirements?

At the point when you apply for a Taiwan visa, you should present a few supporting records, such as:

  • Your identification or other travel records, which is legitimate for essentially an additional a half year from the date of section.

  • The printed Taiwan Visa Application Form

  • Two identification estimated pictures

  • A return/forward flight or boat ticket, which shows you hope to leave after your visit in Taiwan is finished.

  • Proof of adequate assets to cover the span of your stay

  • Proof of installment of the Taiwan visa fee

  • Any extra archives in light of the motivation behind your visit, for example,
    • A letter from your ongoing boss, if going for business

    • Invitation letter from your family members in Taiwan alongside verification of relationship, if going for a social visit

For a more detailed list of the Taiwan visa requirements, click here.

How Can I Obtain a Taiwan Visa?

You ought to apply for a Taiwan visa eye to eye as a Taiwanese optional mission in your region. It is no to Assume there Taiwanese political mission in your country, you should introduce your records to the nearest one. In any case, previously you present the application up close and personal, you ought to fill in a Taiwan visa application structure on the web. The application cycle for a Taiwan visa is according to the following:

  • Complete the Online Taiwan Visa Application Form

  • Print it

  • Collect the required documents

  • Submit them at the Taiwanese discretionary mission face to face
    • They may likewise demand a meeting assuming they consider it necessary

  • Pay the Taiwan visa fee

  • Wait for the visa to be processed

  • Once handled, get your identification as trained. You might demand for the identification to be shipped off you by means of post, in which case you should incorporate a self-tended to envelope.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of the Taiwan visa application process.

Taiwan Visa Fees

The Taiwan visa costs change dependent upon the kind of visa you apply for as well as where you are applying from. Subsequently, the Taiwan visa charges are:

If applying at a Taiwan Diplomatic Mission Overseas:

  • Single-Entry Visitor Visa: US$50

  • Multiple-Entry Visitor Visa: US$100

  • Single-Entry Resident Visa: US$66

  • Multiple-Entry Resident Visa: US$132

If applying in Taiwan:

  • Single-Entry Visitor Visa: NT$1,600

  • Multiple-Entry Visitor Visa: NT$3,200

  • Single-Entry Resident Visa: NT$2,200

  • Multiple-Entry Resident Visa: NT$4,400

How Long Does it Take to Process a Taiwan Visa?

The dealing with time for a Taiwan visa depends upon the country from which you're applying, but it regularly doesn't take long, changing from 2-10 working days from the time they acknowledge your completed application. You should ask with the Taiwan mollifying mission through which you are applying to ensure.

Inhabitant visas, of course, may take longer.

What is the Duration of a Taiwan Visa?

A Taiwan Tourist simply allows the holder to stay in Taiwan for a constraint of 90 days from the day of appearance. A couple countries, in any case, have a more restricted allowed time of stay in Taiwan (14, 30, or 60). The visa for Taiwan is significant for:

  • Up to 90 days, on the off chance that you have a solitary section Taiwan visa

  • Up to five years, on the off chance that you have a numerous passage Taiwan visa

A Taiwan Resident Visa is in like manner only genuine for a single section and for up to 90 days. In any case, when you enter Taiwan on a Resident Visa, you ought to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and the Re-segment Permit to be allowed to remain long haul.

Can You Extend a Taiwan Visa?

Whether you can apply for a Taiwan visa expansion relies on the sort of visa you are given.br>
Expecting you get a visa which imparts "No Extension Will Be Granted", you may not fundamentally influence a visa extension, beside expecting that the Taiwan Bureau of Consular Affairs guarantees the deals and changes your non-extendable visa to an extendable one.br>
On the off chance that your visa doesn't impart "No Extension Will Be Granted", then, you can present a Taiwan visa improvement application at a nearby office of the Taiwan National Immigration Agencybr

Taiwan Entry Requirements for People’s Republic of China, Macau, and Hong Kong

Nationals of the PRC, Macau and Hong Kong need an Exit and Entry Permit before they can be permitted to go all through Taiwan.

There's the:

  • Single-passage Exit and Entry Permit, which is given on an A4 paper.

  • Multiple-passage Exit and Entry Permit, which is as an identification size booklet.

Hong Kong and Macau residents possibly need an Entry and Exit Permit assuming they have a HKSAR, MSAR or BN(O) identification. On the off chance that they have another identity or are living in another country, they are as of now not expose to the Entry and Exit Permit since they're not considered as "inhabitants". All things being equal, they're dependent upon the visa prerequisites of their second nation of nationality.

Notwithstanding the Entry and Exit Permit Citizens of the People's Republic of China are dependent upon an everyday standard of guests to Taiwan too (14,600 people each day, where a big part of the quantity ought to go to individual visit applicants).

Taiwan Visa for US Citizens

On the off chance that you are a US occupant and you desire to remain in Taiwan for an imperative of 90 days with a definitive target of the development industry, travel, social visit, or business, then, you don't have to apply for a Taiwan visa. Considering everything, you can go with just your visa, which should be huge for the scope of your visit. Your ID should correspondingly have no less than one clear page for the segment and leave stamps.

Obviously, tolerating you desire to make an excursion to Taiwan for working, checking out, or another arrangement that is longer than 90 days, then, by then, you should apply for a Taiwan Resident Visa at a Taiwanese Diplomatic Mission in the US.

Taiwan Visa for Philippines Citizens

Expecting you are a Philippine occupant, you can go out to Taiwan sans visa if you simply hope to remain for up to 14 days - basically until July 31, 2020. Taiwan was at first expected to end Philippines ' sans visa travel on July 31, 2019, yet expanded it for another year. Until July 31, 2020, can branch out to Taiwan with basically their recognizable proof and a ticket showing they mean to leave the country once 14 days are up. Expecting you intend to stay longer than 14 days, you ought to apply for the critical Taiwan Resident Visa (work, analyzing, family gathering, etc) at a Taiwan Diplomatic Mission in the Philippines.


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